Impact study and Monitoring visit of “Empowerment and Leadership Building of Marginalized Groups in Makwanpur”

2023 February

“I have done dozens (or hundreds) of trainings and impact studies in education field. This is the first time I have seen such positive results in students, parents and tuition teachers because of holistic support from HIMRIGHTS and CORE international,” says Safala Rajbhandari, tuition teacher trainer, who has been part of this team.

For the past five years, CORE International has supported HimRights to implement this holistic project to enhance the education of Chepang and other marginalized children from Shree Praja Adharbhut Bidhyala (school), Shree Sagarmatha Adharbhut Bidhyalaya, Shree Suryadaya Madhyamik Bidhyala, and Shree Praja Jagriti Adharbhut Bidhyala.

During this amazing visit, we saw an overall positive transformation in children, parents and tuition teachers. Remarkable support from Local Government of Rakshirang and Manahari Rural Municipalities, principals, and teachers, has contributed to this transformation.

Health insurance for sixty extremely poor Dalit families in the Terai lowlands

2022 March
The Government of Nepal started testing health insurance in 2015 and has now extended it to most districts. Stories of Nepal approached CORE to fund the provision of health insurance for sixty families where it has worked in an extremely poor and excluded village in Saptari district. A local organisation supporting Dalit families did the work in the village to document, photograph, apply, and distribute the insurance certificates. This allows these families access to health services at government health posts and district hospitals for the first time in their lives.

Relief and healthy living during the Covid Pandemic 2022

On 23 Feb 2022
Shree Fashelun Samajik Sewa Nepal (FSS) signed an agreement with CORE International to conduct a “Relief and Healthy Living during the Covid pandemic 2022” project. The first phase of the project was designed collaboratively between FSS and CORE International, and included two components: 

1) the distribution of “Relief and Healthy Living during Covid pandemic 2022” in Bhimeshwor Municipality-1, Damarang and Kusipa

2) the distribution of supplies, materials, and financial support to Old people, Single people,  pregnant women, and maternal women in Damarang.

FSS purchased the items for distribution and FSS volunteers assisted in organizing the Old person, Pregnant person, unable person, and single person of Damarang.

Scholarships for ten kids at Namche

2021 and ongoing 
CORE is happy to provide scholarships to ten students at Namche Community School. These kids are mostly the children of people from other places who have come to work in hotels and lodges on the trekking route to Everest. Three are from ‘Dalit’ families (so-called untouchables) who have lived for 3-4 generations in Namche working as metal-workers or tailors.

Support to local clinics in remote Rai villages.

2021 May
Thanks to The Parners Nepal for getting COVID supplies to the local health clinic in Mahakulung Rural Municipality in the far SE corner of SoluKhumbu district. The support came from CORE and NepalHilfe-Tirol to provide masks, sanitizer, health items, and oxygen to these remote communities.

Many of the Rai people living here make a living (in addition to subsistence agriculture) by working as porters, kitchen staff, and camp helpers on treks and expeditions in the Everest area. After the spread of COVID there, the concern is that these workers might bring it home to their villages – Bung, Cheskam, Gudel – with very limited health care available.

Support to very poor families in the Terai lowlands.

We still need your help!

Thank you to everyone who has donated and a huge thanks to Stories of Nepal and Jay Poudyal for all their hard work to organise and distribute relief to over 500 families in the southern Terai lowland districts of Saptari, Parsa, Sarlahi, and Siraha to very poor and disadvantaged people.
Many of these people have no land and assets so must earn day wages to have food to eat each day. With no work, there is no food. The food supplied lasts from 1-2 months depending on the size of the family. They also provided hygiene kits to the families to try to reduce the chances of them contracting Covid.

Your donation can help us help more families. As Jay described:

Food Parcels Distributed in Bindabasini Rural Municipality, Parsa – 31/05/2021. In collaboration with Sanskriti we have supported 200 families in Amarpatti, Jhauwa, Gardaul & Itiyahi village with food parcels containing 3-weeks of supplies. Yesterday the plan was to distribute only 50 packages but when our community partners reached the villages and accessed the situation they brought a further 30 packages for distribution. The families supported are mostly Dalit & Muslim Most of the them who work Birgunj have had no work for a month due to lockdown restrictions. They don’t have their own fields for agriculture & are entirely dependent on their small jobs in Birgunj. Most of the families supported had had no rations at all and were surviving on handfuls of snack mix. There were children who haven’t ate well for weeks now and are ill because of it. Distribution will now start in a further four villages in the area now the dangerous rains have passed and more updates will follow.”

Hygiene materials for prevention distributed in Dolakha.

Thank you to FSS Nepal for great work distributing hygiene materials to help prevent Covid to 1,260 households in the past four days in Dolakha where many families are still rebuilding their homes after the 2015 earthquake (as seen in one of the photos). Thank you to everyone who has donated… it makes a difference.

Parents Teachers Meeting.

Parents Teachers Meetings were conducted at four schools; Shree Praja Adharbhut Bidhyalaya, Shree Sagarmatha Adharbhut Bidhyalaya, Praja Jagriti Adharbhut Bidhyalaya, and Shree Suryodaya Madhyamik Bidhyalaya to discuss the progress of children and to develop an understanding between parents and teachers in Raksirang and Manahari Municipalities, Makwanpur, Nepal, March 2021.

Sunita Praja; mother of Bijaya Praja said, “I am happy that my son is continuing his education for the last four years. He is doing well in his studies without causing any financial burden to the family. I hope for the continuation of the scholarship program.”

Educating and empowering the leaders of tomorrow!

Art classes on Covid and Trafficking.

June 3, 2021
With the increased vulnerability of children whose families are poor or marginalised during the pandemic, CORE is supporting Himalayan Human Rights Monitors to do special art classes so that the kids can learn about preventing covid and how to avoid trafficking or child labour.

As presented in the article below, the lock downs have made life much harder for poor families, increasing the risk of trafficking for child labour.

Covid-19 fuelling child labour in Nepal, a new Human Rights Watch report says